Understanding Easements on Your Property—Find the Limits on Your Property with a Land Survey

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Do you have an easement on your property? Be sure with a land survey. Easements can affect property values significantly. In other cases, easements do not affect property values at all. Knowing if there is an easement on your property is essential, as is knowing the type of easement and any restrictions that might come

How Land Surveys Protect Your Rights in Cases of Adverse Possession

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How can a land survey protect me from adverse possession? While uncommon, many homeowners are shocked to learn that their property can be claimed under the laws of adverse possession in Texas. While not an easy task, as it can be a risk, getting a land survey is the first step to ensuring this cannot

Back to Basics — What is a Plat?

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What is a plat? Platting is the process of developing what is known as a Plat map. Platting is required mostly when buying and developing vacant land. Most often, platting occurs when a landowner is developing property to divide it into parcels while creating a subdivision. What is the difference between a plat and a