Boundary Disputes

“My next-door neighbor is encroaching on my property! I want his balcony torn down, now!” This is a
very common scenario that often lands neighbors in small claims court. Sometimes it’s a balcony, or
maybe a tree. Property lines can be contested for any number of reasons. Hiring a land surveyor is
essential to help settle these boundary disputes. Courts do not care if you were best friends with your
neighbor. They want facts from a professional. Establishing your boundary line is the first step.

Hatfield and McCoy boundary dispute

It usually starts innocently. I built my hot tub next to my fence. Then, my neighbor built theirs next to my
fence. We’re great friends, and there is no problem. We compare chlorine vs bromine. Then, we start
competing. First, it was a sports rivalry… I want the Houston Astros to win…. I mean, after all, we are in
Texas. He wants the Yankees because he grew up in New York. A little competition. It’s friendly, right?
Then, we start competing in silly things like, my spa is nicer than yours. The next thing I know, he built a
pagoda, and it hangs over my property line. Then I built up my gazebo and it towered over his pagoda.
Then Jimmy John decided to take target practice in the backyard, and a shotgun shell strayed over the
fence and hit Jimmy Joe. Of course, Jimmy Joe’s wife, Daisy Mae, had to fire a shot back and hit Bubba.
And it was the Hatfield and the McCoy’s all over again. We now have a bona fide boundary dispute.
I suspect my neighbor encroached my property. Do I need a land survey?

Legal encroachment is defined as the situation that exists when a structure is built in whole or in part on
a neighbor’s property. Encroachments can happen under a variety of circumstances. A land survey is the
first step to determining whether an encroachment has occurred.


Don’t get yourself into a Hatfield/McCoy type feud. Call Realsearch of Texas, LLC for a land survey before adding permanent structures to your property. Remember, prevention is always the best remedy.