Back to Basics — What is a Plat?

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What is a plat? Platting is the process of developing what is known as a Plat map. Platting is required mostly when buying and developing vacant land. Most often, platting occurs when a landowner is developing property to divide it into parcels while creating a subdivision. What is the difference between a plat and a

ALTA Surveys — Why you might need one.

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Why do I need an ALTA survey? While a boundary survey is generally required for most residential transactions, commercial transactions typically  require an ALTA survey. An ALTA survey may be more expensive, but it conforms to the more exacting standards of the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors. An ALTA

How do I choose a reputable land surveyor?

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What should I look for in a land surveyor? Getting your land surveyed is not an everyday experience. Even if you bought a home, this might have just been one of those inspections that you don’t remember. Choosing a well-qualified land surveyor (a bit harder than, say, choosing someone to shampoo your carpets) is crucial.

Hatfield and McCoy boundary dispute

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Boundary Disputes “My next-door neighbor is encroaching on my property! I want his balcony torn down, now!” This is a very common scenario that often lands neighbors in small claims court. Sometimes it’s a balcony, or maybe a tree. Property lines can be contested for any number of reasons. Hiring a land surveyor is essential

Engineering Firms: How to Hire Qualified Engineering Services

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Engineering Firms: How to Hire Qualified Engineering Services Have you ever had to hire an engineering firm? If you have you know it is often a tedious process with many variables. Engineering firms come in many sizes from one consultant to firms that have consultants from all different disciplines within engineering. How do you find

Stupendous Civil Engineering Work By Civil Engineers

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Stupendous Civil Engineering Work By Civil Engineers This article is about the technology and science expertise civil engineering works. Here you can come to know about the excellent track record of civil engineering service on its various projects. The highly experienced and proficient civil construction services providers can provide extensive service on all civil construction

Civil Engineering: Service Providers And Services

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Civil Engineering: Service Providers And Services If you are dealing with a building project and require reliable contractors to take it up, you need to look for companies who specialize in civil engineering works. Reputable companies have qualified, trained and experienced contractors who have expertise in dealing with several such assignments. They ensure excellent quality